Home bouts are held at Buhr Park, 2751 Packard Rd, Ann Arbor, with doors at 5, unless otherwise noted.

June 3

Brawlstars vs Ohio Roller Derby: All Stars
Arbor Bruising Co. vs Ohio Roller Derby: Gang Green
Afterparty: Ypsi Alehouse
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June 24

Brawlstars vs Queen City Roller Girls: Lake Effect Furies
Ypsilanti Vigilantes vs East Lansing Roller Derby: Mitten Mavens
Afterparty: McShane's

July 22

Arbor Bruising Co. vs Windy City Rollers: Second Wind
Ypsilanti Vigilantes vs Sarnia Roller Derby: Sarnia Chinstraps
Afterparty: McShane's

August 5

Arbor Bruising Co. vs Queen City Roller Girls: Subzero Sirens
Ypsilanti Vigilantes vs Bath City Roller Girls: Bathtub Betties
Afterparty: Ypsi Alehouse

September 16

Arbor Bruising Co. vs Downriver Roller Dolls: Doll Stars
Ypsilanti Vigilantes vs Downriver Roller Dolls: Muscle
Afterparty: McShane's


March 4 — Madison, WI

Brawlstars vs Mad Rollin' Dolls Roller Derby: Dairyland Dolls

March 12 — Muncie, IN

Arbor Bruising Co. vs Cornfed Derby Dames: All Stars
Ypsilanti Vigilantes: Muncie MissFits

March 25 — Pittsburgh, PA

Brawlstars vs Steel City Roller Derby: Steel Hurtin'

April 7-9 — Scotts Valley, CA

Brawlstars at Boardwalk Empire tournament

April 22 — Chicago, IL

Arbor Bruising Co. vs Windy City Rollers: Second Wind

April 23 — Roseville, MI

Ypsilanti Vigilantes vs Eastside Derby Girls

May 6 — Indianapolis, IN

Brawlstars vs Naptown Roller Girls: Tornado Sirens
Arbor Bruising Co. vs Naptown Roller Girls: Warning Belles

May 20 — Flint, MI

Ypsilanti Vigilantes vs Flint Derby Girls

May 20-21 — Bloomington, IN

Arbor Bruising Co. at B-Cup tournament

June 10 — Detroit, MI

Brawlstars vs Detroit Roller Derby: All Stars A Team
Arbor Bruising Co. vs Detroit Roller Derby: All Stars B Team

June 17 — Lapeer, MI

Ypsilanti Vigilantes vs Demolitia Derby Queens

August 26 — Boston, MA

Arbor Bruising Co. vs Montreal Roller Derby: Les Sexpos

August 26 — Windsor, ON, Canada

Ypsilanti Vigilantes vs Border City Brawlers: Canadian Clubbers

August 27 — Boston, MA

Arbor Bruising Co. vs Boston Roller Derby: Boston B Party

September 9 — Cadillac, MI

Ypsilanti Vigilantes vs Small Town Outlaws

October 13-15 — Mackinaw City, MI

Arbor Bruising Co. & Ypsilanti Vigilantes at Mitten Kitten tournament


Home bouts feature Ypsi Alehouse's locally-brewed beer and cider for guests 21 and up.
Afterparties (guests 18+ are welcome) vary between Ypsi Alehouse (124 Pearl St., Ypsilanti) and McShane's (2203 Ellsworth Rd., Ypsilanti).