The Brawlstars are Heading to WFTDA D1 Playoffs!

Brawlstars beat the odds to defeat Wasatch — and their other two competitors — in the 2016 Skate to Thrill tournament. Photo by Jeff Higgins.

After years of hard work, challenging matchups, and buckets of sweat, the Brawlstars are making history with their WFTDA playoffs debut. September 9-11, they're going for greatness in the D1 tournament in Columbia, South Carolina!

Learn more about the Brawlstars' road to the playoffs:

Can't be in Columbia? Catch the action live via ($15.99 -- free to watch after the weekend is over), or listen to the audio stream (free).

Posted on September 1, 2016 .

Ypsilanti Vigilantes End Home Season with a Win in Overtime

August 6 was an epic final home bout of the 2016 season! The Ypsilanti Vigilantes hosted the Killamazoo Kill Squad. Kill Squad started out very strong, taking the lead for the first six jams. The Vigilantes nibbled their way to stay in the game, and took over the lead by the seventh jam of the first half. Smart call-offs by the Vigilante jammers and great offense by their blockers kept the Vigilantes in the lead, going into the half with a score of 118-91.

Posted on August 23, 2016 .

August 6 Double Header Wraps Up Ann Arbor Roller Derby 2016 Home Season

Banner by Slamuel L. Jackson

Don't miss your last chance to see A2D2 at Buhr Park this year! Our season closer features Arbor Bruising Co. vs. Flint City Derby Girls, and Ypsilanti Vigilantes vs. Killamazoo Derby Darlins' Kill Squad.

Need more reasons to support your local roller derby league? We've got three:
• We're now serving beer
Tickets for this date are discounted, and
• We're raising funds to help the Bruisers travel to the Mitten Kitten tournament with a pie-in-the-face halftime event!

More info in the 2016 schedule. See you at Buhr Park!

Posted on July 15, 2016 .