Skills Test Is Just The Beginning

A letter to the new girls...

You've passed your skills test! Congratulations! For some of you, this may have taken a short 18 weeks, while for others, it may have taken a little longer. Regardless of how long it took, you should be proud of yourself!

Soon, you're going to play in your first game against each other. It will be fun; you'll probably fall a lot (I know I did!). This is your chance to show your family and friends what you've been working so hard on!

What I really want to talk to you about is vet scrimmage night. You're new and you will probably feel like you're in the way. Don't feel this way. We were all in your position before. We were all scared to death that the vets would think we were terrible - but we don't! We want you to succeed in this sport and we are happy to show you the way!

Go out in line ups with skaters that have been playing for a while. We will get you through the jams. Listen for us when we are talking on the track and stick with your wall. When the jams are over, ask for feedback. Don't doubt yourself... remember that you're new to this and with every jam, you'll get better! It might feel like someone put you in a crazy derby tornado for a while, but it will stop feeling like that eventually!

I want you to have fun, laugh when you fall on your butt and get right back up and keep playing!

For those of you who didn't pass, please don't give up. I didn't pass my first test so I know the feeling. You want to throw things, cry, etc. You have every right to feel that way but remember how far you've come and instead of giving up because it's frustrating put all that frustration into working on your skills. Push yourselves harder than you've ever pushed before. You'll pass when the time is right, keep working hard. Passing a skills test doesn't define a derby girl, hard work does.

Strawberries N Scream 886  Photo  ©  Andrew Potter  2014

Strawberries N Scream 886
Photo ©Andrew Potter 2014

You're a dime, whether you're freshmeat, a Vigilante, Bruiser or a Brawlstar. Be proud of how far you've come since the first day you put on your skates.

Strawberries N Scream

Posted on January 27, 2014 .