A2D2 Year In Review 2016

Top: Brawlstars took first place at the 2013 Mitten Kittens tournament.
Bottom: Arbor Bruising Company brought home the first place trophy in Mitten Kittens' 2016 division 1 tournament. 

2016 was an exciting year for Ann Arbor Roller Derby! All three of our teams played hard to put Ann Arbor on the map, and each team ended with positive win-loss ratios. All three teams went to tournaments to close out their seasons, and each team made Ann Arbor proud.

After losing only one game in the regular season, leaving them 11-1, the Brawlstars made WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs in Columbia, South Carolina for the first time ever, playing with some of the best teams in the WFTDA. The Brawlstars are now ranked 31st overall in the WFTDA

The Bruisers went into the Mitten Kitten Mash-Up tournament seeded first in their division and took home the first place trophy after winning all of their games that weekend. Bruisers ended up 12-4 after Mitten Kitten. 

The Vigilantes also participated in Mitten Kitten in their division, ending up taking 3rd place and leaving higher ranked than they entered. They played a number of grudge matches against teams who had bested them earlier in the season, and ended 7-4.

A2D2 home bouts got a little more exciting in 2016 with the approval of our liquor license. We began selling a few kinds of beer and cider to spectators to enjoy while they watched the game! Skaters who were not participating in the bout got certified to sell and had a great time.  

Off the track, we stepped up our community outreach this year, from adopting and cleaning up a stretch of local highway to gathering donations for local charities. Plus, we spread the gospel of roller derby far and wide by gathering donations and sending three boxes of used gear to a league in Beirut to help them get their start. 

Ann Arbor Roller Derby thanks you for tagging along with us on our 2016 journey, and we hope to see you as we move onto bigger and better things in 2017! Happy New Year!

Ypsilanti Vigilantes celebrate their third place win in the 2016 Division 2 Mitten Kitten Mash-up, scoring 168-116 against Keweenaw.

Sonnet Boom is a Bruiser/Brawlternate who would write and roller skate at the same time if it were feasible, but her trainers keep telling her not to.

Posted on January 1, 2017 .