Introducing 2018 Ann Arbor Roller Derby Rosters

Ann Arbor Roller Derby is just coming out of the off season, and we are working hard to get ready for the next season! Here are the rosters for Ann Arbor's three competitive teams. 

Let’s kick this off by first announcing the 2018 roster for our travel C team - the Ypsilanti Vigilantes!

vigi 2018.png

The Vigis ended their 11 game season with 8 wins and only 3 losses. Their Flat Track Stat ranking increased by 64 points and the Vigis ended their competitive season as 512th in North America and 433rd in the United States! Not only that, but the Vigis also slid into Division 1 at the Michigan based Mitten Kitten Tournament this past October. They entered the tournament seeded fourth and left with the third place trophy! These skaters are hungry for that 1st place spot and will be Vigi Smashing hard in the off season to bring it home next year. 


bruise 2018.png

Next up, is Ann Arbor Roller Derby’s competitive travel B team - here is your 2018 Arbor Bruising Company!! 

The Bruisers started out the 2017 season ranked 169th in the United States and by the time they finished the season they surpassed their goal of hitting 100 and landed at 75th in the United States and 84th in North America!!! The Bruisers had a long season packed with 13 games and came away with a record of 10 wins and only 3 losses. Two of those losses were also avenged later in the season!  

The Bruisers also hit up the Michigan-based Mitten Kitten Tournament in October to participate in the first ever Tournament of Champions. The Bruisers competed against previous Mitten Kitten Division 1 Champions. They went in seeded third and came out on top - taking home the title of Champion of Champions! 


brawl 2018.png

And last up is none other than Ann Arbor Roller Derby’s All-Star Charter team - the Ann Arbor Brawlstars!!

The Ann Arbor Brawlstars started their 2017 season ranked at 32nd in WFTDA and ended their season as a super solid 35th in the WORLD! This is their first full season in Division 1 roller derby and they have learned so much from every single game they have played.  

Posted on January 24, 2018 .