I Am Not a Natural, Pt. 4

This is the fourth post in a series by Brawlstar skater Slamuel L. Jackson, continuing in the upcoming weeks here in the A2D2 blog. 

Photo by John Mosher

So what is it that drives you? What amount of time and effort can you allow yourself to put forth? Are you willing to put in that time and effort? What words do you draw power from? What type of motivation do you respond to best? The answers will vary from each person.

If you do not put in the effort, you will not receive the results. Your effort must be reflected in your own motivation. It may waver at times, everyone’s does, but it should not completely disconnect. If you feel disconnected from your motivation, it may mean it’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate your goals.

Staying motivated can be difficult at times. Results will not be instant. Sometimes results take a very long time. It depends on your goal and the work it will take to achieve it. Sometimes it’s hard to notice any change at all along the way. That’s a big reason I suggest keeping notes on little accomplishments as well as compliments. All the work it takes to achieve your goal will not always feel fun. It will be tedious, and at times, unpleasant. Especially if you are not much of a natural, it can seem even more overwhelming. Stick with it. Find what you really want and push yourself.

Photo by John Mosher

Personally, what drives me includes a few different things. I want to be a double threat. I don’t just want to be a jammer; I want to be an effective blocker as well. I want to be a solid member of the charter team. I want to improve, regularly. I want a lot out of roller derby, but in exchange I know I have to sacrifice a lot (mostly free time).

Different people respond to different types of motivation. Our personalities vary and in turn our motivation style will. I need positive motivation to keep myself going. I need to have a strong desire to achieve my goals. I need to feel self-improvement. I really like recognition, but it is not a requirement. Others respond to negative motivation. Some people need fear (ex: If I don’t get up and run today, I will be penalized in some way).  Some people want to prove others wrong. Whatever it is that lights the fire within you, use it.

Lastly, when I cross train or find myself frustrated while trying over and over and over… I use a power word. I constantly remind myself of my end goal. I wanted to skate for the charter team. So in my head when I wanted to quit I would remind myself,  “BRAWLSTAR!” Even now that I’m on the team, I know that I have to work hard to stay on the team. I want to be a valuable member, so my power word hasn’t changed. It’s still the prominent thought in my mind when working hard.

On that note, I owe a lot of my progression to cross training. I will share more about that with you next week.

I am Slamuel L. Jackson. I'm 3/4 jammer and 1/4 blocker for the Brawlstars, as well as A2D2's meme master. I like animals, energy drinks, and Netflix binges.

Posted on April 21, 2015 .