March Featured Official: Chef Leppard

Jam Timing - Curt Underwood.jpg

What is your derby name? 

Chef Leppard


When did you start officiating derby?



What made you want to become an official?

My wife made me! Lol! JK  I like the people and the sport and I wanted to learn something new.


What officiating job is your go-to?

Jam Timing is what I'm best at.  I can also score keep and I'm currently learning Scoreboard


Before derby, when was the last time you had laced up skates? (Quad or otherwise)



What do you do outside of derby to make derby better for yourself? What other hobbies do you have?

I try and keep up with all the new changes.  I like to experiment with new cooking techniques or recipes.


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What makes you come back to officiating derby? 

I just like the people and feeling like my being here helps in some small way.


Do you have any advice for newbie officials?

Don't be afraid to just jump in and try.  We are all hear to learn and improve.

Posted on March 21, 2018 .