Partner Exercises

Sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself to work out alone, so here’s a strength and core workout you can do with a partner to make it more fun. Skorpion and I did some demonstrating, and in some cases I added a more correct version to shoot for. Enjoy!

Dynamic Lunges

  1. Stand facing your partner.
  2. Lunge forward with your right foot.
  3. As you’re lunging forward on your right, your partner should be lunging backwards with their left foot.
  4. Repeat back and forth 12 times.
  5. Switch legs and do another 12 reps.

One-Legged Partner Squat

  1. Start by standing facing each other.
  2. Grab your partner’s left shoulder and right leg.
  3. When you catch your balance, slowly lower yourself into a one-legged squat position.

Note: Make sure to keep your butt low and your back straight. This can also be done by gripping hands or forearms and leaning back. It’ll be easier to balance.

Partner Jump-Squats

  1. Stand hip to hip with your partner facing the opposite direction with feet shoulder length or slightly wider apart.
  2. Make sure your knees are pointed out to avoid injury and sit back on your hips with your thighs parallel to the ground.
  3. Use your glutes to push up off the ground and turn towards your outside.
  4. Land with your opposite hip to your partners opposite hip.

Push-Up Arm Touches

  1. Get into a push-up position facing your partner within arms length.
  2. Do one push-up and put your right hand out and tap your partner’s left shoulder.
  3. Do one more push-up and touch your left hand to your partner’s right shoulder.
  4. Do 12 reps, 6 on each side.

Note: Be sure to hold your core tight and try not to rotate during the touches.

Tricep Dips & Wall Sits

  1. One partner does a stable, low (thighs at 90 degree angle or less), wall sit.
  2. The other partner stands with their back facing the partner in a wall sit.
  3. The standing partner places their hands on the knees of the wall-sitting partner and does a tricep dips while using the wall-sitting partner’s knees asto balance.
  4. Do 12 reps and switch.

Note: Make sure only your feet are touching the ground and use your Tricep muscles to lower your upper body down, and then come back to your starting position.


Wheelbarrow Push-Ups

  1. One partner will stand in a stable squat position.
  2. The other partner will lay on the ground with their feet near the squating partner.
  3. The squatting partner will reach down for their partners feet and place them on their thighs.
  4. The partner on the ground will do push-ups while their legs are slightly elevated
  5. Do reps of 12, and then switch!

Note: The partner doing push-ups should make sure to hold their core and keep their back straight.

Wheelbarrow Push-Ups-1.png

Weighted Sit-Ups

  1. Lay across from each other with your ankles together.
  2. One partner will start holding a weight with their arms up.
  3. Both partners do a sit up and meet in the center.
  4. The partner holding the weight passes it to the partner.
  5. Execute another sit up and pass the weight again.
  6. Do 12 reps each.

Partner Leg Pushes

  1. One partner will lay on the ground with their head in between their standing partner's legs and reach back and grab their ankles.
  2. Then, with straight legs, lift your legs up as high as you can and then the standing partner will gently push them back down.
  3. Time for 30 seconds, and then switch.

Note: Make sure when your legs get pushed back down you hold your core tight and don’t let your legs hit the ground.


Partner Obliques

  1. Sit back to back with your partner.
  2. One partner will start holding a weight and reach to their side to hand it to their partner
  3. The partner grabs it and pass it to their other side.
  4. Do this 12 times, and then switch directions and do another 12 on that side.

Note: You can also try this in a squatting position back-to-back to make it a little more challenging, try and keep your backs together.


Partner Bicycles

  1. Lay across from each other with your feet touching in the air, one leg will be bent and the other straight.
  2. Bring your opposite elbow of your bent knee in and do a crunch while you push out your bent leg and bring in your straight leg.
  3. Do this 12 times on each side.

Wheelbarrows on Stairs

  1. One partner grabs the other partner’s legs at the bottom of the stairs.
  2. The partner with their legs held uses their arms to walk up the stairs.

Partner Sit-Ups

  1. One partner stands in a stable squat position with a flat back.
  2. The second partner lays on the ground and wraps their legs around their partner’s stomach
  3. The partner on the ground lays back so that their back is perpendicular to the ground
  4. The partner on the ground pulls themselves up to their partner’s chest.
  5. Repeat several reps, then switch.
Bad example - Keep a flat back!

Bad example - Keep a flat back!

Good example - Straight back!

Good example - Straight back!

Skorpion jams, pivots, and blocks for Arbor Bruising Company and firmly believes the end of humanity will involve Cthulhu and large bunnies harvesting human flesh.

Posted on February 24, 2016 .