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Proud Mama to a Derby Team

My name is Skim MILF….and I’m a derbyholic.  Ok.  Fine.  Maybe that’s a bit of exaggeration.  I have a ton of activities that I am super interested in, but roller derby is one that I choose to commit to each and every week.  I don’t know any other place where I can satisfy my need for intense physical activity, competition, social and community interaction,  and pride in myself (and let’s not forget sarcasm, “your mom” and “that’s what she said” jokes).

Vigi's Rock!

I am a single mom who was in search of a new fitness challenge.  It was challenge I sought, and challenge I found.  I learn something new at every single practice I attend and I always leave the rink feeling better than I did when I arrived.  Derby is that kind of powerful….like unicorns, Rocky Balboa in his second fight with Mr. T and Oz.

The Ypsilanti Vigilantes are the A2D2 home team.  Our skaters include recent bootcamp graduates, skaters building up for travel team tryouts, and skaters who simply are not able to commit the time required for a travel team.  We are truly an all-inclusive team.   This amazing group of ladies voted me to be their Captain. I was truly honored. 

My goal as captain’s goals for the Ypsilanti Vigilantes:

·         Skate in a positive learning atmosphere

·         Recognize and welcome skaters of all abilities

·         Host team-building events to enhance sisterhood amongst teammates

·         Encourage overall fitness

 I love my team.  Maybe I’m a bit schmaltzy, but so is your mom.

Skim MILF  Photo  ©  Andrew Potter  2014

Photo ©Andrew Potter 2014

Skim MILF is the Captain of the A2D2 Ypsilanti Vigilantes, the league's Sunshine Chair, and a fresh meat trainer.  She is looking forward to the continued success of the Vigilantes and to welcoming new skaters in the next wave of boot camp.


Posted on December 16, 2013 .