The Ann Arbor Brawlstars is Ann Arbor's WFTDA charter team, the premier travel team in the league. Organized in 2011, they quickly established themselves as a strong up-and-coming team in the US and obtained full-WFTDA status in winter of 2013. Just three short years later, in 2016 the Brawlstars climbed the rankings enough to break into WFTDA’s Division 1, the top 40 teams in the organization, competing in the 2016 WFTDA playoffs in Columbia, South Carolina. Retaining their Division 1 status through the following season, the Brawlstars competed in the 2017 WFTDA playoffs in Seattle. According to Flat Track Stats, the Brawlstars rank in the top 2% of all roller derby teams in USA & Canada, and are placed #28 as of the April 30, 2018 WFTDA rankings. Brawl! Brawl! Brawl!

© Andrew Potter, 2018

Lezzie Arnaz 1111

Slamlet 187

Kandy Knockahoe
Bench Coach

Michelle O'BombYa  Support Staff

Michelle O'BombYa
Support Staff

Emma Pistol  Support Staff

Emma Pistol
Support Staff

Headshots © Andrew Potter