Announcing the Ann Arbor Roller Derby 2019 Home Season

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We're thrilled to get rolling with another season of exciting, empowering roller derby! Save these dates to join Ann Arbor Brawlstars, Arbor Bruising Co., Ypsilanti Vigilantes, and the Bank at beautiful Buhr Park:

May 18 ‣ June 22 ‣ July 27 ‣ August 17

More info, tickets for our 2019 home season, and our away game schedule will be coming soon to our 2019 season page!

Posted on February 4, 2019 .

Ann Arbor 2018 Season Recap

The 2018 Ann Arbor Roller Derby season is coming to a close and this was definitely one for the record books. We’ve had winning seasons for all three of our teams, some major victories and a few history making matchups! Before the season is over, we wanted to take a few minutes to revel in our glory and relive some of those moments that made us all proud to be from Ann Arbor.

Ypsilanti Vigilantes

While two of our teams are enjoying their very well-deserved off season, the Vigilantes are prepping for another Mitten Kittens Tournament the weekend of October 4th-6th, where they are currently ranked 4th in the D1 bracket. The Vigis have had a stellar season so far with 6 wins and just one tough loss against the Motor City Disassembly Line. Despite the loss of a few longtime players after the 2017 season, the Vigis have stepped up their game and proven that although they are the Ann Arbor “C” team, they’re still ready to take on teams of all levels.

Photo by: David Oliver

Photo by: David Oliver

4/14/18 East Lansing 87 Vigilantes 218

4/14/18 Vigilantes 225 Keweenaw 217

4/28/18 Vigilantes 224 Border City Brawlers 80

4/28/18 Vigilantes 135 MCDL 250

7/28/18 Vigilantes 173 WCR: Third Coast 167

8/11/18 Vigilantes 259 Small Town 104

8/18/18 Downriver Dollstars B 124 Vigilantes 186

Ann Arbor Bruising Company

The Bruisers finished off their season last weekend with a win over Flint City, capping off with a very successful 6-4 record. The Bruisers are definitely turning heads after playing many high-level teams including Gotham and Arch Rival, as well as attending both ECDX and Udder Chaos, showing that every single team that comes from Ann Arbor is full of heart, dedication, and skills for days.

Photo By: Jeff Ostrander

Photo By: Jeff Ostrander

3/24/18 QCRG: Subzero Sirens 129 Bruisers 370

4/7/18 OHRD: Gang Green 70 Bruisers 342

5/18/18 NCDG Road Warriors 32 Bruisers 499

5/19/18 ARCH: Saint Lunachix 204 Bruisers 232

6/17/19 Bruiers 129 TRD: Bruise Crew 154

6/23/18 Bruisers 91 GGRD Wall Street Traitors 273

6/24/18 Bruisers 141 MRD: Dairyland Dolls B 165

6/30/18 Bruisers 264 Detroit Allstars B 189

7/28/18 Bruisers 121 WCR: Second Wind 177

9/15/18 Flint City 190 Bruisers 312

Ann Arbor Brawlstars

If we’re talking about record setting seasons, we’re talking about our Brawlstars. Not only did they make Michigan roller derby history by beating Detroit’s Allstars for the first time, but they also had their first win at WFTDA playoffs against Windy City finishing off their season at 8-4.

Photo By: Jim Dier

Photo By: Jim Dier

3/24/18 Queen City 217 Brawlstars 141

4/7/18 Ohio 97 Brawlstars 274

4/27/18 Brawlstars 144 Dublin 141

4/28/18 Brawlstars 250 OKVD 157

4/28/18 Boston 177 Brawlstars 173

5/18/18 Madison 170 Brawlstars 196

5/19/18 Brawlstars 171 Team United 126

5/20/18 Philly 178 Brawlstars 107

6/17/18 Brawlstars 125 Tampa 119

6/30/18 Brawlstars 234 Detroit 166

9/21/18 Sun State 195 Brawlstars 162

9/22/18 Windy City 185 Brawlstars 213

Once the Vigilantes finish off their season at Mitten Kittens, it will be time for the whole league to take a collective deep breath and rest for our 2019 season…

Who are we kidding? “Rest” is not a thing we do! We’ll see you in 2019 faster, stronger, and ready to keep playing our game every chance we get.

Posted on September 27, 2018 .

Join Ann Arbor Roller Derby this Saturday for their Penultimate Home Bout of the Year

Huge thanks to the photographers who capture the action at our home bouts! We are thankful to get to hold the memories of derby.

Want to see more? We've got two more exciting games happening on Saturday July 28th!

5:30pm // Doors open so you can snag a seat, sweet eats, merch, and beer before the games get underway

6pm // Arbor Bruising Company vs. Windy City Rollers: Second Wind

7:30pm // Ypsilanti Vigilantes vs. Windy City Rollers: Third Coast

Posted on July 26, 2018 .

Free Derby at Ypsi Pride this Friday!


Join Ann Arbor Roller Derby and First Fridays Ypsilanti for a *~FREE~* roller derby game at the corner of Washtenaw and Adams!

Come for the roller derby action, stay to learn more about the 2nd Annual Ypsi Pride!

First whistle will be at 6:30pm. We will have volunteers on site to explain the rules, the game, and the funny hats on our helmets. We'll be sporting as much rainbow glam as possible to celebrate Pride coming up on June 1st!