The Brawlstars are coming for the WFTDA in 2014

Brawlstars captain Courtnasty is excited to share some news about A2D2's premier travel team: 

With our newly granted full WFTDA status, the Brawlstars are ready to take 2014 by storm!

Most of your favorite skaters are back, but with a couple of exciting additions: the Brawlstars are very proud to welcome Midnite Vulture and Lucille Baller to the roster as alternates! They'll also help to lead the Arbor Bruising Company to victory, along with the other Brawlstar alts.

Without further ado, your 2014 Ann Arbor Derby Dimes Brawlstars (in alphabetical order):
Boonjock Saint
Fracture Mechanics
Heavy Petting Zoo
Helen Killer
Jacky O'Bashes
JS Block
Knuckles Kidman
Lethal Bo Peep
Lezzie Arnaz
Lucille Baller
Michelle O'Bombya
Midnite Vulture
Queen McLightning
Strawberries N Scream

The Brawlstars are SO EXCITED for this season!!!! Let's WORK, let's FIGHT, let's BRAWL BRAWL BRAWL! See you all soon!

A2D2's 2014 season kicks off April 5 at Total Roller Hockey in Novi. More info coming soon.

Posted on January 17, 2014 .