A2D2 supports Alternatives for Girls in Detroit River Belles Vintage 'Base ball' Game

Sunday, July 13, 2014, Ann Arbor Derby Dimes members mingled with vintage base ball team Detroit River Belles in a charity game benefiting Alternatives for Girls.

Before the dust settled from our July 12 double header, the athletes of A2D2 were back to work July 13, competing alongside all-female vintage base ball team Detroit River Belles to raise funds for Alternatives for Girls, a a Detroit-based organization that provides support and empowerment to homeless and at-risk girls. The DRB are one of about 30 teams in Michigan that play America's favorite pastime following the rules and style of the sport during the mid-to-late 1800s (hence the spelling 'base ball'). At first, vintage base ball and present day roller derby may seem like opposites, but the Belles and Dimes share more than a woman-centric focus, as detailed in the Metro Times:

I think that Women’s Vintage Ball and Roller Derby have a lot in common: strong women, friendly competition, costumes/uniforms, and nicknames. I know a lot of women who love the idea of Derby but don’t skate, and I think that vintage ball can fill that same niche, so I wanted to help the women’s side of the sport grow, and help a good cause.
— Michael F. Copado, vintage base ball game organizer

Get a piece of the action by watching this video from the Metro Times (and this additional video from the Detroit Free Press):

For complete coverage of the Detroit River Belles-A2D2 vintage base ball game, visit our press clips page, and find more game photos in this Facebook album by Carol Sheldon.

Posted on July 16, 2014 .