A2D2's Susan B. Slamthony talks derby with Mark Maynard

Image by Mark Maynard |  markmaynard.com

Image by Mark Maynard | markmaynard.com

Ypsilanti Vigilantes skater and A2D2 PR chair Susan B. Slamthony was recently interviewed by local blogger and doer-of-cool-things Mark Maynard. See what she had to say about roller derby history, A2D2 and the state of derby in Michigan, and whether derby has kept her from joining a gang.

Derby has a place for everyone, and every body type can give you a different sort of advantage. I’ve always had wide hips, and a correspondingly wide posterior, and for a while I didn’t like that about my body. Now, I look at girls with narrow hips and think, ‘Poor thing, she can’t take up much space on the track with a booty like that.’
— Susan B. Slamthony

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Posted on September 19, 2014 .