Brawlstars' Slamlet calls out harassment in derby

True to her literary-inspired derby name, Brawlstars co-captain Slamlet enjoys blending her athletic and academic sides. You may recall her writing in fiveonfive about effective leadership strategies and breaking down the WFTDA ranking algorithm into plain English.

New this week, you can find her contributing to DerbyLife, where she addresses an elephant in the room of the derby community: sexual harassment in announcing. Whether you've been on the receiving end of commentary that made you want to stop in your tracks or this is news to you, Slamlet's op-ed presents an excellently written, multifaceted case against this difficult issue.

“Even if you don’t agree that the sexualized banter of announcers counts as sexual harassment, consider a more basic breakdown of what is happening in these situations. Skaters work their asses off constantly for roller derby. They attend multiple practices a week; they cross-train; they do hours of committee work. They do this so that their league can put on events and so that they can perform their best. Are we really okay with the idea of putting in all of that hard work so that it can be completely ignored on game day? Do we really want announcers focusing their efforts on uncomfortable sexual comments instead of highlighting the badass things we’re doing on the track—the things that we’ve worked so hard to be able to do?”
— Slamlet, DerbyLife

The voices of A2D2: Hi-Death, Mr. Mauler, and Victor Won

The voices of A2D2: Hi-Death, Mr. Mauler, and Victor Won

Slamlet's column is also an important reminder to show your appreciation for the abundance of quick-witted, derby-literate announcers. A2D2 is proud to have Hi-Death, Mr. Mauler, and Victor Won serve as the voices of A2D2 at our home bouts! THANK YOU!!

Stay tuned for our 2015 schedule, where you can hear them calling the action.

Posted on January 27, 2015 .