June 11 Double Header Features Brawlstars, Bruisers, and Brews

Our next home bout, June 11 at Buhr Park, pits the Brawlstars and Arbor Bruising Co. against North Star Roller Girls' Supernovas and Northern Lights. It's a matchup that's sure to be out of this world!

If you've seen us at Buhr Park, you know a day of derby is one of the best bangs for your entertainment buck, from family-friendly fun to crave-able concessions, and now we're thrilled to announce another perk: You (if you're of legal age) can enjoy a cold beer while you watch us play! We'll be slinging Pabst Blue Ribbon, Founders' Pale Ale, and Angry Orchard Cider, starting June 11 and continuing through the rest of our 2016 home season.

Posted on May 29, 2016 .