Portraits of Michigan Roller Derby on view at Saturday double header

Michelle O'Bomb Ya carbon dust drawing / Megan E. B. “Scargyle” Foldenauer, PhD, CMI

A2D2's athleticism won't be the only thing on display at our next home bout, Saturday at Buhr Park — we're proud to announce that our August 2 double header will also feature a derby-themed art exhibit! When she's not leading A2D2, president Megan E.B. "Scargyle" Foldenauer literally lives and breathes art, working by day as a medical and biological illustrator. Her latest personal art project, "Portraits of Michigan Roller Derby," will grace the walls of the Buhr Park arena. 

Using the photography of Andrew Potter, Joe Mac, and Erica Rae as references, Scargyle created large-scale portraits in dedication to the athletes, volunteers, officials, and family of Michigan roller derby. The large-scale portrait series previously exhibited at First Friday Ypsilanti, but this is your only chance to see these amazing works in person before Scargyle takes them to London this September for the Derwent Art Prize Exhibition, and to Grand Rapids for the ArtPrize competition (on view at Mitten Brewing Company).

More on Scargyle's art:

Posted on July 30, 2014 .