SISU Mouth Guards catch A2D2 in action

Brawlstars skater Bex poses next to the SISU banner at our home bout at Buhr Park, June 7, 2014. / Photo courtesy SISU

Ann Arbor is home to the most popular derby mouth guard manufacturer (and one of our sponsors), SISU Mouth Guard! They came out to our bout Saturday and recapped their experience in their blog. If you're curious about derby, especially A2D2 derby, don't miss this excellent post!

It was great to see the derby love in action. The amount of pain you girls put each other through is unbelievable. But you are also very kind to each other. I could see jammers lining up and chatting with each other, laughing. One second a skater from Killamazoo elbows one of our girls so hard, she goes flying, and the next, both of them are laughing about it. It helped me better understand the true meaning of ‘love and shoves’.
— Rita Shelley, Director of Marketing, SISU

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Posted on June 12, 2014 .