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Congrats to the 2014 Bruisers! BRUISE! BRUISE! BRUISE!

Introducing the 2014 Arbor Bruising Co. Roster! Congratulations, ladies!

Knuckles Kidman (Brawlstar Alt)

Lucille Baller (Brawlstar Alt)

Midnight Vulture (Brawlstar Alt)

Queen McLightning (Brawlstar Alt)

Blonde WreckHer

Cruella de Vicious

Darwin's Wrath

Hakuna Manslaughta

Jadzia Smax

Kahntract Killer

Mace of Cakes

Mo B Slick

Rose-Colored Sasses

Scarlett Joheadslam



Cinnamon Challenge (Bruiser Alt)

Cora Slain (Bruiser Alt)

Kristi Jam-a-coochie (Bruiser Alt)

Love Tap (Bruiser Alt)

Speeding Rainbow (Bruiser Alt)

Come see your Bruisers this season! Check out the 2014 schedule!

Posted on February 5, 2014 .

A perfect 10 of Dimes to play in the mixed scrimmage at Champs!

We are SO unbelievably proud to announce that TEN of our Brawlstars & Bruisers will be participating in the two mixed scrimmages at CHAMPS this weekend!!  BoonJock Saint, Fracture Mechanics, Helen Killer, JS Block, Kahntract Killer, Lethal Bo Peep, Lezzie Arnaz, Slamlet, Strawberries & Scream & Vera To$$!  CONGRATS LADIES!

More information and the rosters here! 

Posted on November 7, 2013 and filed under WFTDA, Champs, Honors.