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Free Derby at Ypsi Pride this Friday!


Join Ann Arbor Roller Derby and First Fridays Ypsilanti for a *~FREE~* roller derby game at the corner of Washtenaw and Adams!

Come for the roller derby action, stay to learn more about the 2nd Annual Ypsi Pride!

First whistle will be at 6:30pm. We will have volunteers on site to explain the rules, the game, and the funny hats on our helmets. We'll be sporting as much rainbow glam as possible to celebrate Pride coming up on June 1st!

A perfect 10 of Dimes to play in the mixed scrimmage at Champs!

We are SO unbelievably proud to announce that TEN of our Brawlstars & Bruisers will be participating in the two mixed scrimmages at CHAMPS this weekend!!  BoonJock Saint, Fracture Mechanics, Helen Killer, JS Block, Kahntract Killer, Lethal Bo Peep, Lezzie Arnaz, Slamlet, Strawberries & Scream & Vera To$$!  CONGRATS LADIES!

More information and the rosters here! 

Posted on November 7, 2013 and filed under WFTDA, Champs, Honors.