Underdog Success for Ypsilanti Vigilantes

On July 9, the Ypsilanti Vigilantes hosted Border City Brawlers’ Canadian Clubbers. The Vigilantes had been preparing hard for this bout. According to Flat Track Stats, they were only given a 39% chance of winning this game. The Vigilantes proved them wrong!

The first half of the bout was a stalemate. Both teams had multiple lead changes throughout the half. The Clubbers provided excellent off-the-line offense, often granting their jammers lead status. The Vigilantes worked hard to deliver offense for their jammers and regroup to hold the opposing jammers back. The Vigilante defense successfully killed the Clubber’s power jams while also providing some good offensive strategies to their own power jams. Teamwork seemed to be the key to success for the Vigilantes.

All season long, the Vigilantes have struggled keeping their half-time lead, but not this time! The Vigilantes took the final lead change late in the first half, and were able to hold it for the remainder of the game. During the halftime break, Coaches Slamuel L Jackson and Just Wingett gave some suggestions on how to adjust to the jam-start offense, as well as a couple of strategy tweaks here and there. Going into the second half, there was no looking back as the Vigilantes continued to widen the score spread. Final score: Vigilantes 233, Clubbers 109.

The Vigilantes will host the Killamazoo Derby Darlins’ Kill Squad August 6 at Ann Arbor’s Buhr Park. 

Bear-a-Cuda is a 40-something skater who still has a lot of spunk in her old lady bones.

Posted on July 14, 2016 .