Vigilante Vengeance

The Ypsilanti Vigilantes traveled to Lapeer, MI on June 18 to take on the Demolitia Derby Queens (DDQ). The Vigilantes and the DDQ had faced each other in the fall of 2015, with the DDQ taking the win by 70 points. The Vigilantes vowed to work hard, apply their offensive and defensive strategies and to take the win the next time they met. While the Vigilantes’ summertime track is exposed to the summer heat conditions, they had yet to skate in the blazing temperatures they faced inside the Lapeer Skating Center.  From what we were told, it was the hottest temps the DDQ had ever seen inside their venue. It was a real scorcher!

Despite the heat, the Vigilante jammers were able to take the lead in the first three jams, rewarding the team with an early lead. The DDQ blockers had many off-the-line offense attempts for their jammers, but the Vigilante lines worked in sync, and communication was vital in helping to hold DDQ jammers time and time again. The score going into the half was 110-46, in favor of the Vigilantes.

The Vigilantes have a history of struggling when returning from the half and maintaining their lead. After a pep talk from Co-Captain, Skim MILF, the team agrees that the score is 0-0.  With valiant efforts from all, the second period mirrors the first. The Vigilantes were excited to see their newest team additions not only perform well on the track, but also blend well with their lines. The team as a whole was flexible in changing positions as requested, and had an overall sense of team pride. The Vigilantes found themselves with a final score of 240-99.

The Vigilantes' next bout is an international affair: July 9, they host the Border City Brawlers’ Canadian Clubbers at Ann Arbor’s Buhr Park.

Bear-a-Cuda is a 40-something skater who still has a lot of spunk in her old lady bones.

Posted on June 24, 2016 .