Ypsilanti Vigilantes Beat the Spread

The Ypsilanti Vigilantes traveled to Euclid, OH on May 21st to face the Burning River Pyromaniacs. The weather was warm and sunny and the excitement of a road trip was high. After an exciting win at home one week earlier, the Vigilantes were excited to see how they would fare against a new addition to the Burning River league, the Pyromaniacs.
The Vigilantes dominated the first period. Both lines of Vigilante blockers controlled and contained the Pyromaniac jammers while the Vigi blockers were very successful getting out against the opposing walls. Great communication helped the Vigis to assist with offensive plans, recycling and reforming. Going into the half time break, Vigilantes lead with a score of 91 to 43.
After the half, the Pyromaniacs responded with vigor. Not only did the Vigilantes struggle to contain the opposing jammers, but the Vigi jammers had trouble breaking through the opposing walls. The Pyromaniacs momentum seemed to leave Vigilantes frantic and disorganized. However, the Vigilante bench staff, Slamuel L Jackson and Just Wingett, did their best to keep the team level headed with reminders to breathe and to slow the game down. This also left some opportunities for the Vigilantes to try some new tactics. Freeda Radical took the line with a star on her helmet, got lead, and did some fancy footwork while on the track. The energy of the game seemed to change after this new tactic, and the Vigilantes were able to tie the game with only 4 minutes left in the period.
The final jam of the game started with a score of 137 – 140 in favor of the Vigis and with a Power Jam start to boot. The Pyromaniac blockers did their job and successfully killed the Power Jam while their jammer was able to come out of the penalty box and not only take lead jammer status, but also ended the game with a 146-140 win over the Vigilantes.
While the Vigilantes were not expected to win this bout, they completely shattered the spread. Flat Track Stats expected the Pyromaniacs to win by over 106 points. This difference moved the Vigilantes up the rankings by 12.5 points! The Vigilantes will take the next three weeks to make adjustments to their strategy, take away learning opportunities from this bout, and modify as needed as they prepare to travel to Lapeer on June 18th to face the Demolitia Derby Queens.

You have two more chances to see the Vigilantes at Buhr Park this season: July 9 and August 6Tickets are on sale now for these and all of our 2016 home bouts, along with a limited number of season passes.


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Posted on May 28, 2016 .