Thank you for your interest in becoming an A2D2 skater! No experience is necessary to become an amazing roller derby player. If you have the dedication, we'll make sure you get the training. One of the great things about roller derby is that regardless of size, shape, or skill level, there's a place for you!

Still wondering whether derby is for you? Check out our skaters' demographics:


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Have no experience, or limited experience? View our New Skater Form and contact our Recruitment chair for more information.
Want to join A2D2 as a transfer skater? View our Transfer Skater From and contact our Training chair for more information.


Eager to enforce the rules of derby, sharpen your basic skating skills, or throw on some zebra stripes? Or maybe you want to get involved without putting wheels under you, by taking stats or assisting with setup/teardown? We're always looking for new referees, non-skating officials, and volunteers! Contact our Officials Coordinator for more information about joining us as a referee or NSO. To learn more about becoming a volunteer, contact our Bout Production chair.

Photo  ©   Erin Bluhm

Photo © Erin Bluhm