Demo for SISU banner

*** Because our main page, News, is a blog, I can't make a copy. So imagine this is a news post, as you would see when you first arrive at a2derbydimes.org, and that a few more posts that look similar to this are running below it. ***

Option 1 (on the page) is below.

For option 2 (in the sidebar): I cannot mock up a banner in the sidebar because it would publish to the public version of the site, so for option 2 imagine a similar treatment as option 1, but instead it extends the width of the sidebar. ------------------------------->

Pros and cons:
Option 1 (on the page) allows for a larger image, but only runs on the main page. Of course, as a sponsor, your banner would also run on the Sponsorship page.
Option 2 (in the sidebar) can only accommodate a smaller image, but the sidebar appears on multiple pages -- front page/News, Events Calendar, Blog, Sponsorship.