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Michigan is a hotbed for Flat-Track Roller Derby. Out of 737 roller derby leagues in the nation, 28 are in Michigan – twice the average number of leagues per state. Since founding in spring 2010, while other leagues have folded or spun off into smaller leagues, A2D2 has steadily grown, now the home league of over 100 skaters, officials and volunteers. Our members live, work, and patronize businesses not just in our Washtenaw County home base, but also in Jackson, Livingston, Monroe, Oakland and Wayne Counties, all of which are home to other leagues. They choose A2D2 for our sportsmanship, camaraderie and ambition.

Plus, A2D2 members have spending power:

  • 62% of A2D2 members have a post-high school degree (Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, Trade School)

  • 42% of A2D2 members have an annual household income of $40,000+ (20% of A2D2 members $75,000+

A2D2 members patronize derby-related businesses and events:

  • 55% of A2D2 members have spent $500+ on gear in the last year

  • 58% of A2D2 members will/are willing to travel to a derby event more than 90 minutes away just to spectate

  • 43% of A2D2 members have not attended any other kind of sporting event (besides derby) in the last year

  • 93% of A2D2 members feel that derby provides quality entertainment for the whole family at a reasonable price

  • 100% of A2D2 members would watch derby if it was broadcast on TV

AND A2D2 members patronize non-derby businesses/organizations just for being sponsors of local roller derby:

  • 95% of A2D2 members do/would patronize businesses who sponsor derby

  • 80% of A2D2 members do/would volunteer locally