The Ypsilanti Vigilantes is Ann Arbor’s C team, a place for newer skaters to hone their bouting skills and veteran skaters to stay competitive. They are more localized to Michigan and the immediate surroundings, traveling less frequently than their sibling teams. The Vigis may keep it local, but they get their kicks — they took 3rd place in Division 2 of the 2016 Mitten Kitten Mash-Up, a championship tournament representing the best leagues across Michigan. In 2017, the team returned to Mitten Kittens, where they surpassed their goals by rising from Division 1 to 2 and winning 3rd place.

© Andrew Potter, 2019

Trauma Queen 911

Shrewd Folly 713

Slamuel L. Jackson
Trainer/Bench Coach

Headshots © Andrew Potter*
*Leslie Ope’s image © Edwin Tam